Our Mission & Our Team

Here at Rhythm & Sails, we set out to create something that has never been done before. To shape an experience that speaks to the music lover and calls to the adventurer but more than anything, satisfies the soul. Like you, we revel in the sound of joyful melodies and finely plucked strings but we also know that the community which surrounds the music is equally important. When you bring all of those pieces together in idyllic surroundings, while setting out to achieve a common goal such as sailing, you come out the other side with something that very nearly defies description. 

The team behind it all is a group of passionate adventure travelers and music enthusiasts who found a common bond aboard sailboats. Hailing from all walks of life, our captains, sailors, creators, musicians, guides and chefs will stop at nothing to ensure every trip goes off without a hitch.


Ashley Hart

Founder / Admiral

Ashley grew up in Rhode Island where he found his love for sailing the ocean at a young age. He eventually moved west where he led wilderness Therapy trips…

and helped build an upstart ski company into one of the largest US-made ski brands to date. Throughout all of it, he’s continued to prioritize sailing and has now captained vessels in more than 20 countries around the globe. The West Indies are a particularly special place for Ashley as he’s navigated the island chain times, forging lifelong relationships along the way and eventually realizing that he needed to share the experience with others. He strongly believes that living and working as part of a team on a sailboat does wonders for the heart and soul. Add world-class musicians, alongside stunning locations, and lives will be forever changed.   

“Anders Beck is the charismatic”

Damian Quigley

Co-Founder / Brand Director

A consummate hospitalitarian, Damian has been curating unique experiences and concert events for more than a decade. 

The combination of his time spent traveling the world and working within the live music community has informed his vision of what’s possible when a team of passionate people get together to create something truly special for those around them. His wheels are constantly in motion as he strives to make each trip a little bit better than the last, because while most people enjoy immersing themselves in the good times, delivering them is what fuels him. When he’s not making sure the moment is just right, you can find him in the galley, mixing up a batch of mean cocktails. 

Anders Beck

Music Director
Anders Beck is the beloved resophonic guitar player in one of the world’s greatest bluegrass bands, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

Equal parts artist and entertainer, he’s right at home on stage at Red Rocks Amphitheater or under a thatch-roofed shack in the islands. As a curator of fun, he’s the perfect fit for Music Director and while he jokes about the fact that he’s been training for this gig for his entire life, his wildly successful career as a professional musician is strong evidence in support of the statement. He’s traveled the world bringing joy to people through music, regularly brings musicians together to create magic and always pulls the best out of those around him. Anders takes the utmost pride in ensuring you have the perfect musical complement to your next adventure.

Our Captains & Crew

Scott VerMerris


Scott is a lifelong sailor and skier who’s passions naturally turned to professions. During the summer months you can find Scott racing sailboats…

and facilitating therapeutic sailing programs in Park City UT, where he runs a non-profit community sailing center. You may also find him racing yachts offshore, cruising the Great Lakes with his family, or running charters in many of the premier cruising destinations around the globe. He is a licensed captain, Executive Program Director at Sail Park City, sailing instructor, and all-aruond character working to create enriching and educational sailing experiences for people of all ages around the world.

Jeremy Bailey


Jeremy started boating at a young age and spent the majority of his life chasing rivers as a whitewater river guide…
and kayak instructor all over the US. After college, he spent more than a decade working in the commodities and business banking industry before giving that up to continue chasing his passion for water. He and his wife have spent the last year and a half living aboard and traveling all over the Caribbean in their 35’ sailboat and has most recently been captaining chartered sailboats in Newport, RI. Ask him to make you one of his famous pain killers and get ready to sail into the sunset. 

Kelli Gleason


A lover of water in all forms, from snow to rivers to oceans, Kelly comes from an adventurous Colorado ski and rafting family…

By age 12 she was kayaking class IV whitewater and over the years has run the Grand Canyon 7 times. She got hooked on sailing with her husband and they’ve now traveled over 7,000 miles on their sailboat, from Maryland,down the eastern coast to Florida, then jumping off to the Caribbean. It turns out she’s been prepping her whole life to become a sailor, as there are many skills in whitewater rafting that cross over.

Ele Meyer-Hart


Ele Hart is a full time commercial and editorial photographer who’s talents run deep. She’s been behind the lens for more than 20 years…

working on projects that have taken her across the globe. Her goal is to always capture genuine, creative, and full-of-life photos that will remind you exactly how you felt, what you saw, and the details that mean the most. With numerous sailing trips under her belt, she’s honed in her ability to capture every moment under sail and on shore.

Eben Mond


Eben grew up on the Mississippi River and bought his first houseboat, The Mothership, when he was 16. With the river in his blood…

he moved to Colorado to pursue his passion for skiing. To help facilitate his professional ski career he worked rivers in summer restoring habitat, island building, dredging and managing wetland projects. Eben gained invaluable knowledge of boats, water, and then inner workings of machines. A Jack-of-all-trades, Eben can fix an engine or a cocktail with ease and will work well into the night to make sure everyone has a good time. Eben really is a place on earth.

Gabe Rovick


Gabe’s upbringing fostered an insatiable appetite for creating unforgettable imagery. This adrenaline junkie’s camera has taken him deep…

into the Canadian backcountry, across The Drake Passage to Antarctica, throughout Asia and beyond. He’s the Founder and Creative Director at F4D Studio, through which he’s built and led a team of creatives for more than 13 years. The devoted family man is also the host of The Authentic Beings Podcast and all of his endeavors are driven by his purpose of curating stories worth telling. Gabe finds fulfillment from using his platforms to elevate voices and stories that need to be heard.