Rhythm & Sails was born to create the ultimate sailing experiences. But not everybody’s dream is the same. We’d be thrilled to help you plan a unique and memorable trip for your personal or professional group.

This is more than a vacation. It’s a gathering of your tribe to strengthen ties, meet new people, experience a new culture and participate in running a sailboat. Through this fully customizable, one-of-a-kind retreat, you can get your work done or just relax while forging life-long bonds with your crew mates and the individuals you meet along the way.

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10 minute duration. You will need to know your flight and accommodation information to finish.

Owner's Cabin Upgrade

Each of our yachts feature 3 standard-sized cabins, along with one Owner’s Cabin. This roomy Master Suite features a 40% larger living space with a private, en suite master bath. Upgrading to the Owner’s Cabin will not only provide extra living space, but also a larger bathroom, shower and extra storage for all your belongings on the trip. TREAT YO’ SELF! 


*Price includes cabin upgrade for you and your travel partner*