The Rhythm & Sails experience is a chartered sailing excursion, set to a live soundtrack from your favorite artists, as we weave through Caribbean paradise. Each trip is the perfect blend of island hopping, open-water sailing and live music performed in intimate settings. 

To the casual observer, this might seem similar to other sailing trips, but we don’t want you to just buy a vacation from us. We want you to dive in, learn how to run a sailboat and be part of the team. As we make our way through the vibrant and colorful island chain, your captain will guide you through the process of running a boat, we’ll take you to white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, explore the islands with you, introduce you to the locals running the fresh lobster BBQ on the beach and give you the insider experience you didn’t know was there. 


Your day-to-day experience is whatever you want it to be. While we’re moored, you can relax on deck or take the dinghy to shore. Boats can be equipped with snorkeling gear, paddle boards and fishing rods, while other activities like scuba diving are right at your fingertips. Join in or sit out of any piece at your leisure. 


Rhythm & Sails was created by music lovers, for music lovers. Every excursion will feature a unique lineup of world-class musicians playing all along the way. Hang with the artists during the day, then sit back and relax as they channel the beautiful surroundings into one-of-a-kind concerts each afternoon or evening. 


The Grenadines offer a wide array of unique islands. Your itinerary includes stops in places such as Bequia, Mayreau, Tobago Cays and Mustique.

Local Support

We feel very strongly about leaving a positive impact on the local communities we visit, as well as the natural environment that we enjoy so much. Every trip that we run supports a local partner that benefits from donations of money, time and/or resources.