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St. Vincent
The Grenadines

St. Vincent & The Grenadines

May 4-10, 2024


May 4-10, 2024




To reserve a spot on a trip, you must book a double occupancy cabin by selecting "Book Now" on the trip page. You will then be the Lead Booker and responsible for filling the second spot in your cabin. 

Guest spots are very limited. There are approximately 20 guest spots on each trip, with a 1:1 guest to staff ratio. 

Yes. The price of your trip includes all of the following:

  • Single spot in double occupancy cabin
  • Breakfast lunch and dinner on the boat each day (two dinners will be beach BBQs on shore)
  • Snacks on the boat 
  • Water and N/A beverages and mixers on the boat
  • Unlimited beer, wine and rum on the boat
  • Towels, linens and wash cloths
  • Access to auxiliary boat (dinghy) for transfers from boat-to-boat or boat-to-shore
  • Access to stand up paddle board
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Mooring fees
  • Marine park fees
  • Marina docking fees
  • Cruising fees
  • Yacht fuel
  • Food and beverage purchased on shore
  • Extra food, beverages or alcohol you choose to purchase for the boat
  • Airfare & airport transfers
  • Travel insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • WiFi

The artists will play a minimum of one show each day of the trip, with the possibility of impromptu sessions along the way.

To reserve a cabin (two guest spots) on the trip, one person must make the down payment. If you'd like to split payments after that, we're happy to do so. Please email [email protected] to make your request.

Menus vary on each trip but you can expect to eat a variety of fruit, eggs and protein for breakfast. Sandwiches and charcuteries for lunch, and fresh fish, rice dishes and local spices for dinner. We are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies and we'll ask you for that info after you book your trip.  

We're happy to entertain any requests and fulfill them as best we can but please note that not all brands or categories of food and beverage are available in the area.

There will be between 9 and 11 people on each boat, with 6 or 8 being guest spots.

We do not currently offer single occupancy packages or traveler-matching services. If you would like to come solo and/or have your own cabin, you must purchase a double occupancy cabin and pay for two spots. 

There is a possibility that a single placement may open up for various reasons. If you'd like to put your name on a waiting list for this, please email us at [email protected].



Owner's Cabin Upgrade

Each of our yachts feature 3 standard-sized cabins, along with one Owner’s Cabin. This roomy Master Suite features a 40% larger living space with a private, en suite master bath. Upgrading to the Owner’s Cabin will not only provide extra living space, but also a larger bathroom, shower and extra storage for all your belongings on the trip. TREAT YO’ SELF! 


*Price includes cabin upgrade for you and your travel partner*